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Consultation types

Question Consultation:
Do you have a pressing question in your mind that is disturbing your daily life? Ask it and we can solve it! The Question Consultation is designed to solve your specific problem like business, marriage, health etc.,

You can ask us a question addressing a specific problem and our consultants will get in touch with you through online or offline to answer your question after carefully analysing your horoscopes.

Special or Topical Consultation:
Are you facing a difficult situation in your life that you struggling to tackle? Then get your woes solved through our Special or Topical Consultation which is focussed on solving one specific problem in your life along with all the other aspects attached to it.

If you are a worried mother whose search for the best groom is in vain, our Special or Topical Consultation can analyse and study the horoscope of your daughter and identify all the areas of problem and provide remedies along with favourable gemstones to quicken the search for the right groom.

Happy Life Consultation:
Get a complete consultation to lead your life with success and prosperity through our happy life consultation. Right from the time of the birth where your horoscope is written we give consultation to lead every phase of your life. For example to excel in education, to build your career, to find your right partner, your children’s future and well-being etc.,

You can approach us with your horoscope to analyse your future and get a consultation for your entire life span on the right gemstones for you to wear and essential remedies to smoothen your life and experience happiness throughout your life.