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Welcome to Panchrathna Gems!

Panchrathna Gems is a one stop gemstone destination for precious gems and gemstone based jewellery. Each gem embraces the unique qualities and astrological elements to support the wearer in living wholeheartedly.

We believe in delivering ‘Happiness Forever’ through pure gemstones and gemstone based jewellery.

Every piece of a gemstone is handpicked and beautifully crafted into jewellery. It is a jewellery that is worn to hold good intension and meaning to the beholder.

Generations of knowledge and craftsmanship have been carried forward with utmost care by, Mrs. Kalpana Srikaanth and Mr. Srikaanth who have succeeded in making Panchrathna Gems ‘a house of precious gems.

About Us – Panchrathna Gems Coimbatore is a one stop gemstone destination for precious gems.
Dr. Kalpana Srikaanth

Dr. Kalpana Srikaanth

Consultant Astro - Gemologist

Panchrathna Gems

Chief Happiness Advisor

The Chief Happiness Advisor at Panchrathna Gems, Mrs. Kalpana Srikaanth carries her wisdom and immense knowledge of gems as well as astrology, and yoga to help you achieve peace and happiness.

Over the years, Mrs. Kalpana Srikaanth has won several awards including, Best Astro Gemmologist, Nakshatra Jothida Rathina, Navarathna Kalaimamani, Kalpana Chawla Award, Sadhanaiyalar Award, and Doctor of Indigenous Arts. She also reaches out to people to spread the perceptive on happiness and gemstones through various communication platforms.